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Email 6-15-2015

Hey everyone!

I miss you all and hope everything is going well there.  Email me and keep me updated.  Getting emails throughout the week is awesome :) Anyways everything here is going great.  We're keeping busy.  Missionaries don't have much to any free time and even the little we have is pretty dictated as far as what we can do.  But it's probably good.  Keeps us focused on the task at hand.  I wrote a letter Sunday morning then found out I was only supposed to write them on p days.  That's rough I was pretty sure we were able to write them throughout the week.  Lame.  Anyways I'll talk about what has happened since I emailed last.

Last Monday.  So we found out that we weren't aloud to use the cars for our exchange I don't remember if I talked about that in the last email or not but it was pretty lame.  Elder Johnson left that night and Elder Williams showed up who was another brand new missionary.  We just tried to street contact that night in Plymouth. It was late and no one was out so it was rough.

Tuesday was obnoxious, we street contacted for a good while and got a lot of ITLs (invitations to learn) then we had to take some online course for using the iPads.  We tried biking to see an investigator but turns out we went the wrong way so we went like 10 miles total of nonstop big hills.  It was obnoxious.  Plus it was raining decently heavy.  We had to cancel our dinner appt because we had no way to get there and had to find a ride to the church to teach the Book of Mormon class. Finally we found one but we were pretty late.  Brother Case took us there and we got McFlurrys after which was a tender mercy.  We got back at like 2050 and the other Elders were waiting outside at the apartment and then I realized I had the keys and they couldn't get in haha whoops!  It was funny though.  So we switched back companions.  Oh and Sister Larcher who we were supposed to have dinner with brought us pizza so that was way cool.

Wednesday we had district meeting, we found out we are getting rid of ITLs and are using a RAs (return appointments) instead and we will keep being able to read our emails during the week.  So keep emailing me :P We helped the Trembleys move their chicken coop.  Then we met with the Branch Mission Leader Bro Lopez who I found out likes Star Wars and Smallville, what a boss! We met with an investigator named Lisa and shared the He Lives video with her but she couldn't really see it because she is waiting on new glasses so we'll have to share it again.  Skyler entered the MTC today I miss that Elder.  I hope he is doing great!

Thursday was cool.  We had service at the community center which was fun.  It was cool seeing people I had met and served there the previous week and they were cool.  We got international stamps during lunch so I could send a letter to Maddyson/Sister Martin.  We met with the Maines, Brother Maine has MS and is disabled they both seem really nice.  Then we met with another investigator, I feel like like we aren't really helping him progress because I don't think he really cares about our message, I think he just likes the company.   We went to dinner at the Clarkes and they seemed cool.  Brother Clark was career military he was in the Navy then the Army.  Finally we met with Jonathon and shared a message called "the Lord wants to forgive." It was pretty cool.

Friday we had weekly planning which was solid. Then we had service at the thrift shop.  It was productive.  Next we met with Brother Boyd he is a pretty old less active member.  He smokes and has a lot of health problems.  Elder Johnson says we usually read 1 chapter and then go.  But he kept asking to read the next chapter so we read like 4 chapters.  He seemed super nice though haha.  His smoky apartment clung to us for like an hour.  Then we tracked for a long time and met lots of nice people and like 3-4 potentials.  One lady said she was having a really hard time and some medical problems then we showed her the He Lives video and she said it made her day.  So that was really cool.  Also we had Burger King for dinner, pretty solid.

Saturday was aight.  We had the baptismal interview for Sister Tremblay in the morning, she passed haha.  Elder Jensen did it, the ZL (Zone Leader) from Roseville.  We called one of our potentials from the previous day and he agreed to meet with us on Wednesday.  We met with Brother McPherson and shared a Mormon message with him called "You Will Be Freed" which was about Satan taking away our agency with addictions and how we can overcome this through Jesus Christ.

We went shopping and split the cost to have taco night which was sweet.  I picked up some cinnamon toast crunch for my cereal of the week.  Oh yeah! I gave my first blessing of comfort today, I'll be real, I've been freaking out about doing that.  And it was great.  The blessing really calmed some struggles he was having now and he told me about how it super calmed some stuff he was worrying about from his patriarchal blessing and he told me some more but I can't get too specific but suffice it to say it was really cool and makes me not so worried about blessing.  It was really powerful being the mouthpiece of our Heavenly Father.  He said it was exactly what he needed to hear and it was cool.  We met with an excommunicated member who was excommunicated twice and we don't know why.  He seemed to know a lot about doctrine and was nice and had a temple picture on the wall so I'm curious.

Sunday was cool.  We had branch council and they asked us to come to presidency meeting each Sunday which is awesome because they only have branch council once a week and we were talking about how we could get them to meet more with us.  Sacrament was cool.  It was fast and testimony meeting, I went up and bore my testimony and I had also been asked to give the closing prayer.  Elder Johnson got asked to give a talk next week, I was totally expecting to be asked haha.  Narrowly avoided.  We were taught how to fill the font for Saturday.  Then we went to Gospel Principles which we were expecting to teach but we got there a couple minutes late because we were being shown how to fill the font.  Isaac, the branch missionary who recently came back from his mission in the California, San Jose mission, was teaching so that was kinda cool.  Then we taught primary which was kind of crazy.  Then we had at our dinner appointment at the Merrifields which was at lunch time with breakfast food.  Haha it was French toast and biscuits and gravy.  Pretty good stuff.  Then we met with the Tremblays and talked about baptismal clothes, the second coming, resurrection, the millennium, and other stuff.  And that was pretty much our Sunday.

I miss everyone and hope everyone is doing well.  Shoot me an email.

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